L. R. Giuliani: First mission Paris

“… unlike many spy novels today, it manages to avoid being entangled in Middle Eastern affairs. It has suspense, interesting characters and surprise plot twists, all of which will entertain you and keep you reading...”

David Burnett, the Kindle Book Review (about First Mission Paris)

“… A very fast paced book with twists and turns around every page…” – Jolie, Life of a Crazy Mom blogger

Jolie, Life of a Crazy Mom blogger (about First Mission Paris)

Aprila 2016 na prvem mestu v Amazonovi kategoriji International Mystery and crime:

“… The story is a standard half-comic secret agent thriller with an overeducated protagonist undertrained in standard James Bond skills or attitudes. His brains and knowledge carry him through an over-the-top plot about a stolen list of Interpol undercover agents with the usual accompaniments. This is an amusing version of a clichéd plot, unoriginal in concept but with some interesting details and European color…”

Aaron C. Brown, Amazon’s Top 1000 Reviewer, VINE VOICE (about First Mission Paris)

“… Agreeably diverting, well developed characters — a little bit stereotypical or maybe individual characters are representative of a class — and an interesting story line makes this an amusing, enjoyable read. Oh yes, the spy stuff works out as we would expect…”

R. Krueger, author of The Children’s Story, About Good and Evil (on First Mission Paris)

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